15.Apr.14 17 hours ago

i’m mixed up, i’ll be blunt. now the rain is just washing you out of my hair, and out of my mind

13.Apr.14 3 days ago

Don’t dig through me, stop burying yourself.

Yes sir. I am a valid mess of a person.

Lashing out with subtle words that hit harder than fists.

I’ve been collecting evidence, as I always do.

Bringing all of my broken breaths to you.

To me it seems suddenly inappropriate, completely out of character.

Listening is all everyone ever does.

No change. No elevation.

Just rises from falls.

I have no trouble speaking my mind or pulling from the soul.

I just have trouble with your useless ears.

your silence is getting old.

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13.Apr.14 3 days ago

why is it that you look at me that way but when you turn your back and look at another girl i feel invisible. your eyes are so open and clear and focused, and you smile and flirt with me. just come a little closer. i don’t bite. i want you near me. 

12.Apr.14 3 days ago